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About Us

Anne Boyle - Founder/Owner/
Instructor RYT


Anne had been practicing yoga for many years when she decided to seek her certification. She completed her initial training in the late 1990's. Anne has owned and operated the amazing Zen in the District since 2004.  With a background in martial arts, she brings a fresh approach to the practice of yoga. She is officially certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), is a member in good standing with Yoga Alliance, and is a member of Yoga Teachers of Northwest Ohio (YTNWO). Anne's style of yoga combines general hatha, with vinyasa and ashtanga, as well as some of the more spiritual, philosophical, and meditative aspects of yoga.  Her practices are invigorating and stress relieving. Anne is also certified through AFFA.  Welcome to Zen in the District!

Michelle Zydorczyk

Certified Instructor RYT


Michelle has been practicing yoga since about 2005. She became interested in yoga after a major illness which led her to a life change. Michelle quickly found a passion for yoga and became involved in a teacher training program. Michelle’s style is an energetic vinyasa flow format. Her future goals are to bring yoga to more people, particularly to women who suffer from addictive disorders and/or mental health disorders. She is a runner who has participated in full and half marathons. Michelle is also a certified personal trainer.

Kayla Quick

Certified Instructor RYT 

Kayla Quick has been an athlete and familiar with yoga her whole life. But her practice became serious in about 2009. She had hurt a knee and her usual workouts were not an option. The stress from a new school and the workload were starting to take a toll on her health. She took a yoga class and "when we got to savasana I took a big breath and let it go and this voice inside me said 'yeah, this is it.' I haven't turned back since." Her instruction style invites you to challenge yourself to continually improve and find new frontiers. 


Mike Zerner

Certified Instructor RYT


Mike Zerner brings years of experience as a yoga instructor and as a person who has used yoga as a tool to manage health and injury.  He is inspired by the integration of the mind and body through meditation, asana, and proper breathing. As a caring and generous instructor Mike will ensure that you learn the asanas, use your practice to still your mind, and incorporate yoga's benefits into your life. 

Sandy Earl

Certified Instructor RYT


Sandy encourages personal growth in her classes. Her style is welcoming and enthusiastic. She has many years of experience in the yoga studio and is also a rower. You might see her and her teams on the Maumee River early in the morning.